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Economical Auto Cnc Router With Tool Changers

Economical Auto Cnc Router With Tool Changers

This is a auto cnc router with 12 tool changers , the price is very low but the quality is very good. It use high quality servo motors and fast drilling spindle. Main specs: 9kw air cooling spindle servo motor working area 1220X2800x200mm 12 pcs tool changers vacuum table with 7.5kw pump auto tool sensor if you want to get the quotation of this model ,please send us inquiry.

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Maybe you are looking for an efficient tool change machine but with a very low price .

In order to meet the needs of different customers, we customize this machine.

This machine  has many advantages such as :

  1. spindle fast drilling function 

  2. Absolute value servo motor, the machine does not need to return to the origin for processing

  3. Following type tool change tool magazine under gantry,  allows CNC Router to complete highly complex jobs with multiple tools with no user interaction.

  4. Feeding roller design, auxiliary board loading.

  5. Automatic tool setting instrument, automatic lubrication system, standard configuration

  6. Innovative pop up locating pins allow for easy material positioning, resulting in decreased loading time to maximize production.


More parameters:



X-Y-Z axis working area


Machine size


Repositioning resolution


X-Y movement

Rack and pinion, gear drive

Z movement

Ball screw drive


Linear 25mm square

Spindle power

9KW air cooling spindle (ISO30)

Spindle speed


Inverter power

11KW Fulling

Tool magazine

12 pcs tools, linear tool changers

Drive motors

Servo Motor

Working voltage

AC380V/220V 50-60Hz, 3-phase

Command code

G code

Computer interface

USB 2.0




Artcam, Alphacam copy


NC studio 

Standard equipment included

1.Auto tool length compensation device 
2.Auto oil lubrication system 
3.Dust hood 4.vacuum table with the 7.5kW vacuum pump 
5.Tool shanks 6.Positioning pins 


Dust collector

Becker pump 

Italy spindle 

larger working size 

Let's have a look how fast it is for drilling holes :


 Details parts :

If you want to know more about this cnc machine ,please send us inquiry ,We will give you the best price and best service.

Should you need a ruggedly built CNC router setup configured differently than our set range of sizes  - don't hesitate to contact us.  Quick Router is very accustomed to special orders on custom specifications to fit any application for a CNC machine. We were building custom machinery when we got into the business of designing, building and selling CNC routers, so building one just for you is always welcome here.


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    Add:3600 West Airport Rd., Lingang Economic Development Zonegaoxin District, Jinan, China
    Mob:+86-15628788695 / +86-15628788692
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